Monday, March 29, 2010

morning cup

Today I began what will be a very long process....weaning myself off of coffee. I have been in love with coffee since I began working in a coffee shop in my college days. It actually took several years, and several coffee shop jobs, before I even took a sip of that hypnotizing chocolate-colored seductress, but once I did I was hooked. I've never been someone to drink more than one cup a day, but that one cup is something I savor every swallow of. I enjoy the entire experience: the earthy scent of the grinds as they are scooped into the filter, the sound of the coffee gurgling its way into the carafe, the strong aroma that begins to dance and swirl around the kitchen, seeping out down the hallways of your house until it finds your nose in the next room, filling one of my many favorite mugs (my current favorite posted above), feeling the gentle heat against my groggy hands, and the long journey as I sip my way into a new day. My goodness....why am I giving it up again?

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