Thursday, February 25, 2010

Political Series

In December I began taking photographs at the Capitol in Hartford, CT. It had been 8 years since I'd returned to the building. I had been a legislative intern in college, back in the days where I imagined I'd follow in my father's footsteps and head to law school after graduation. Never would I have dreamt back then that I would walk the marble hallways of the Capitol again someday, but as a photographer. It's been an incredible experience and quite nostalgic.

It is nothing short of amazing to look back at my path and realize the intricacy of each of my experiences, decisions and interactions as far as my destiny was concerned. Every moment of life lines up in some magical way we never could have expected.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have a thing for barns. I'm sure the magnetic pull toward these rustic, wood laden structures stems from a childhood lived amongst trees, dirt roads, country stores and county fairs. My family always lived in small towns, but my original homestead, where I lived for the first 10 years of my life, was by far the most rural and remote. Our property was a vastitude of orchards, vegetable and herb gardens, sprawling lawns, playgrounds, forest, streams and....of course, 3 barns. These barns were foreign lands with endless crevices to explore, the places I could usually find my father working in his wood shop or rebuilding a car, the secret corners where my sister and I would play our games of make believe, and the hideaways I could always count on.

Today I am still drawn to barns, but my attraction is more aesthetic in nature. I am fascinated by the flawed ones, marvel at the new, modern ones and am comforted by the historic ones. When I passed by this particular barn with my fiance on a visit back to our hometown last week, I insisted he stop so I could capture this broken down barn I must've passed hundreds of times in my life without noticing. As I dodged traffic in my high heels and sunk into mud holes while attempting to capture this magnificent structure, I returned to that simple time.....when I was barefoot and a pile of wet dirt was something to delight in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love being with a man who lavishes me with flowers. The most meaningful bunch he ever gave me though, didn't cost a dime. It was a miniature bouquet of tiny wild flowers plucked from the front yard that he presented to me one day when he came in from getting the mail. I had just moved from California to Connecticut to be with him....and he certainly reminded me every day why he was worth it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am quite obsessed with words, so it's only natural that I find written reminders or affirmations truly inspiring and powerful. One simple phrase can transform my attitude or mood so profoundly in just an instant. I suppose it could be the combination of two things that really grab at the core of my being: words and visual representations.

As a result of this love of mine, I've started to create these combination pieces and will soon be selling them in my Etsy shop. They are photographs (taken by me) that will be printed on stretched canvas with words or phrases superimposed on the image. The "wish" image above is one such creation (or will be once it is printed on canvas) and will be posted in my shop shortly.

The other examples above are some of my favorite reminders (from other fabulous Etsy sellers).

Keep calm and carry on by Queen's Order
Love by Restless Type
I am a successful artist by Linocut Boy

For more of my picks, visit my Favorites on Etsy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The one I love...

I cannot wait to marry this man in October! He makes me a better person every day by motivating me to remain just as committed to myself as I am to him. He inspires me, supports me, appreciates me, humors me and loves me like no one else on the planet can.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Wishing you all lives filled with as much love as I am blessed with.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love trees!

I love trees. I mean I REALLY love trees. They embody a quality so peaceful, so strong, so beautiful and inspiring. I've always been drawn to them and dream of waking up someday (soon!) surrounding by hundreds of them....perhaps a lake in the distance, and a 360 degree embrace of mountains. Beyond living among actual trees, I also enjoy painting my life with them in as many ways as possible.

Above are some of my favorite tree finds on Etsy. Check out these great shops for handmade pieces of splendor:

Organic Cotton Willow Tree Collage Tote Bag by Lovely Pieces
Raining Sunshine by Amy Giacomelli
Salvaged Walnut Slab Coffee Table by J. Rusten Furniture
Winter Solstice Eco-Friendly Necklace by Njia Studios
Small Wood Table by Xpress Yourself
Tree of Life Moleskine Journal by Silver Tree Art

For more of my picks, check out my Favorites (viewable from my Etsy Shop).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The path

I believe that every encounter, experience, conversation, and moment in time is incredibly meaningful and pushing us one step closer to something we aren't always aware of but are intrinsically preparing for. This place I stand today, as a photographer, is something I never anticipated but now know is exactly where I belong.

I've been fairly obsessed with immortalizing life in a still frame for most of my life, and I've used a number of mediums to do this--writing, painting, song writing, and photography (to name a few). But it was a couple of years ago, while living in San Francisco, that my passion for photography began to evolve and present a new path.

I had been working at an investment company for a few years, feeling stifled and so incredibly far from my true path, when I met Cupcake. We had been acquaintances for a while but when she took a job working at the same company as me, the purpose for our paths crossing quickly became obvious. I guarantee there was more than one reason for these two girls born under the sign of Cancer to meet, but the one that propelled me into the brave life I now live was our shared love of photography.

Cupcake and I spent the next year setting up photo shoots in unique locations, trading off as models for one another and sharing ideas and inspiration. It was through her that I discovered my love of portrait photography, as my focus for the previous 15 years had been nature and fine art. We currently co-author a blog now that we live 3,000 miles apart: Sprinkles with a Chance of Rain.

I had another chance encounter, while living in San Francisco, that provided a glimpse of the future that was possible for me if I left the career that made me feel empty. I met an inspiring photographer, Alyssa, who I knew through an old friend. I spent just one evening with Alyssa but in hearing her story, pouring through her portfolio and seeing a part of myself in another....well, a seed was planted. It was only a few months later that I quit my job and began planning my move to the East Coast where I eventually started my own business.

This beautiful woman shared with me her suggestions and ideas during the tough transitional period I experienced during the first few months of my new life. With one phone conversation I felt motivated, capable and excited. I will be forever grateful to her for her inspiration and spirit. Sometimes, life unfolds in an extraordinary way. This woman had started her photography business after someone else had done for her just what she had done for me. Many years before she had moved in next door to the world renowned Elizabeth Messina (photographer) who inspired her and acted as her mentor. This incredible gift is truly the essence of life.

Check out these phenomenal women. Their style and the way their souls shine through their art is simply beautiful:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lola Rain

When I was 14 years old, I was given an ancient camera and the tools to make my own film while away at summer camp. As I stood in the dark room, developing the images I had chosen to capture, I discovered a powerful way to represent the world through my eye. I still have on my wall that first photo I took and developed, a black and white rendering of old canoe oars…and it still lights me up.

My passion hasn’t been consistently present, I found myself in business school instead of art school, I’ve tried to imitate what seemed like a more normal or responsible path in life…but the artist in me has always cried out, has always shaken and forced me to abandon high paying jobs, environments that didn’t inspire or support my true path, relationships that suffocated my colorful soul.
So here I am. I live every day never knowing where my art will lead me. I only know that with every click of my camera’s shutter opening and closing, with every idea that springs from my mind and splatters itself across a glossy piece of paper, with every folder filled with another 600 pictures on my computer desk top, I feel more alive.

This blog will be an expression of the extraordinary path I am walking as an artist right now. It is an unpredictable and sometimes altogether frightening path, but the freedom and aliveness I derive from it is unparalleled. I hope you enjoy sharing in my experience…..

I currently own my own company: Lola Rain Photography. In addition to portraits and special events, I sell my fine art on Etsy. You can find my store at:

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Also check out my other photography blog that I co-author with my lovely photo buddy, Cupcake: Sprinkles with a Chance of Rain