Friday, April 1, 2011

birch trees

I have been trying to figure out what to hang over my bed for the past 2 years (let's not talk about the rest of the decorating that needs to happen in this neglected room). I seem to place pretty complicated and specific criteria on what I would want to see in this spot, which is why I have yet to fill it. I was recently talking about this with my husband, and he told me that he'd like to see me paint a row of tree trunks to fill the space. I instantly agreed to take on the challenge! 

This week I purchased a 16x40 canvas, which was pretty exciting in and of itself. I am quite addicted to the art store and always have been. What's not to love about the art store?! Ahhh! The tall shelves filled with blank canvases, rows of brushes in all shapes and sizes, patterned paper, gummy erasers, stickers and stencils, art bins, frames, easels, ohh and the paints! My favorite part. The paints! Candy to my eyes. What a tangent this has become.....

So, I purchased the large canvas (and a billion other canvases thanks to some amazing coupons and my now burning desire to paint a series of children's artwork). I am planning on painting a row of birch trees, but cannot decide on a color palette (the bedding is a mauvey shade of purple with deep purple leaves and the upholstered headboard is natural). I also have to admit, I am kind of nervous to be working on such a large piece. Wish me luck!

Here are some pieces I'll be using for inspiration, however I have no illusions of being able to match this talent or level of detail:

Birch Tree Art by Gabriela and Catalin Art Gallery

Among Friends by Mae Chevrette

Aqua View by Wade Works Inc.

Birch Trees on Blue Green by Kristen Dougherty's Shop

 Birch by Britthermann

Morning Rises by Blake

And yet another reason I NEED a studio....I have destroyed the usually immaculate office while working on all these projects.


  1. I LOVE the second one- the closeup of the birk bark- that is seriously stunning!

  2. This is a beautiful blog! I especially love the art work in this post...I may be the happy new owner of one of those birch pieces. And thanks for including us in your blog love section!!


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