Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sunrise, sunset

Watching day turn into night, or night turn into day, seems to be an intensely intoxicating and peaceful experience for most human beings. I sometimes wonder if it is merely the parade of striking colors that compels us to marvel in silence no matter how many times we've seen the sun ascend from or fall into the horizon. But, I want to believe it's something deeper than a general admiration for the visually pleasing. I, personally feel centered, appreciative and slip into a semi-meditative state when I stop and pay attention to the beginning or end of the day. The world feels so quiet in those moments, and the grandeur of the earth so palpable.

I had plenty of chances to appreciate a plethora of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on my recent trip to the Adirondack Mountains. I plunked myself down in my camp chair every night, camera in hand, to watch the sky paint itself in magnificent blues, purples and pinks. And thanks to the natural resetting of my internal clock that occurs when I sleep in the great outdoors, I was awake at 4:45 in the morning....just in time to take in the beautiful summer sunrises. Heaven.

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