Monday, January 23, 2012

where's this all going?

When I started this blog I simply wanted a place to post some pictures and surface-level thoughts as I played around with my photography. After almost a year though, I had a more concrete plan and started posting every day. I had many reasons for this—it was a way to hold myself accountable, to feel committed to working on my photography/business/creative journey, it was a way to make sure I was always writing, it was an outlet, it was something I believed would help me stay on my path and arrive at whatever destination the Universe had in store for me. And I had clear-cut topics for this blog for quite a while. Then I got pregnant. 

Sadly, I haven't found myself very artistically inspired since I've been pregnant and that's a fact that I really struggle with. But, that's not to say I am not inspired. I feel inspired to write, to put my experience out there for what it's worth. I tried to keep the pregnancy posts to a minimum at first, but it's been the greatest source of writing material I've had in my life next to heartache (go figure). So I've been writing, and you've been reading. In fact, more and more people have flocked to this humble little blog since I began writing about pregnancy. So how could I stop? But, I often wonder where this is all going. I am still an artist above all, I still have goals and dreams for my life as an individual and I hope to get back to all that when it's possible. But, my blog has slowly morphed into a motherhood/parenting blog, and I'd wager it will continue once my little bean arrives (the greatest source of inspiration imaginable). I have a feeling this will all make sense someday soon though…I have a feeling that becoming a mother is closely tied to the direction I am meant to travel career-wise. Stay tuned….

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