Thursday, November 8, 2012

an honest voice

Yesterday, I quickly shot some words out of my brain and onto my computer screen, and hit "publish" before I could second guess any of it. Those words were thoughts….feelings, really….that I've been having for some time. Some part of me felt that if I made that little confession to the world, the Universe would answer. And it did. In the form of a lovely message from a lovely person that grew up in the same hometown as me. I've heard from this lovely lady several times since I became pregnant, and have felt so appreciative each and every time. I'm not sure we ever spoke back in our school days, but now we have something that unites us, something that makes us feel perfectly comfortable making confessions to one another: motherhood. Ah, the sisterhood of mamahood. It's very real, and so important. Long story short, I heard the message I needed to hear from the Universe through this wonderful mama: keep going.

So, here it is. I'm going to keep writing, and I'm going to continue to be real. Because, that's how I roll. If I had a mission statement (for this blog), it would look something like this:

Struggle permeates life. Though the struggle makes us human, we so often attempt to evade its presence. We pretend, we keep it to ourselves, we sometimes believe that we make it easier for others to be around us by hiding it. So much of the world is a polished version of itself. How can we relate to a polished version of reality? There is a reason television has been taken over by reality shows, why we've become so obsessed with celebrity gossip, why we read blogs. We're all in search of honesty, confessions, the imperfection that makes us all alike. 

I want to put an honest voice out there. That is why I write. I want to give others something to relate to, or at the very least, something that inspires others to be comfortable with their own honest truth. Specifically, right now, I feel compelled to share the truth of my journey through motherhood (and previously, pregnancy and birth). I hope that my honesty frees you, inspires you, or simply entertains you.

Thank you to all my readers! And thank you to the others who sent me nice messages yesterday.


  1. My goodness this was so beautiful and inspiring. I feel that letting the emotion write the words is the best way to write. You're very talented. May I follow this blog?


  2. My response is many months late—so sorry! I was just looking back at this post and realized that you asked to follow my blog. I took the "follow" box off my blog recently, but you can follow by email (look for the link on the left-hand side of the blog). Thanks for your comment and for reading!


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