Monday, December 10, 2012

life in motion

Emerson started crawling on Thanksgiving (across the room rather than just one or two steps). Where was I with this announcement? It's the biggest milestone we've experienced and yet I haven't been posting my pride and nostalgia? Here's a video to make up for it:

Emerson was obsessed with learning to crawl the minute she figured out how to get on all fours. It took her about six weeks to actually master mobility. But, the minute she could, she was already on to the next thing: standing. All this girl wants to do all day is stand. She can only do so if she has something to support her, but she's all one-handed, barely holding on with this little smirk on her face like she's showing off. And she will pull herself up on just about anything—furniture, the side of the bath tub, open drawers….she even grabbed my LIPS once and tried to use them for leverage. She has been very strong and physical from the beginning. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by all of this….but, I wish she'd slow down.

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