Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Sometimes, your baby is awake from midnight until four in the morning and there's nothing you can do about the fact that she wants to practice talking and not. go. to. sleep. Sometimes, you make yourself pancakes in the middle of the day, serve them on a fancy plate, and eat them with your eyes closed so as to fully enjoy this one little morsel of sweetness on an otherwise maddening day. And you don't share when your husband comes home and discovers you. Sometimes, you cave and decide to get yourself hooked on Downton Abbey during nap time instead of getting anything useful done. And then, as if it is a real problem, you freak out when you realize that Netflix only offers Season One so you google "when will Netflix get Season Two of Downton Abbey" and you don't rest until you figure that shizzle out. 

Sometimes, you ask your husband four times in a half hour what time he'll be home from work tomorrow, and though he answers all four times you still have no idea when he'll be home tomorrow….and then he refuses to answer you the last time, because he doesn't see the point. Sometimes, you wear the most hideous outfit in your wardrobe, because you know that no one will be there to witness it (no one over the age of one). And besides, it's comfortable. Sometimes, you consider dreadlocks because it seems easier to intentionally give up instead of being frustrated every morning when you try to wash your hair, but the baby/husband/time will not let you. Sometimes, you completely char the bottom of your expensive enameled cast iron, because while you were in the middle of steaming some apples for your child, it suddenly felt imperative that you pay attention to yourself for a change so you get out all your beauty tools and decide to shape and tweeze your eyebrows…..until smoke starts to waft up the staircase and your husband comes home from work just in time.

Because, you are a mama. You don't get any sleep. You need a break. You never give up, because you can't give up. You are strong and amazing and impressive even in all of these moments.

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