Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love trees!

I love trees. I mean I REALLY love trees. They embody a quality so peaceful, so strong, so beautiful and inspiring. I've always been drawn to them and dream of waking up someday (soon!) surrounding by hundreds of them....perhaps a lake in the distance, and a 360 degree embrace of mountains. Beyond living among actual trees, I also enjoy painting my life with them in as many ways as possible.

Above are some of my favorite tree finds on Etsy. Check out these great shops for handmade pieces of splendor:

Organic Cotton Willow Tree Collage Tote Bag by Lovely Pieces
Raining Sunshine by Amy Giacomelli
Salvaged Walnut Slab Coffee Table by J. Rusten Furniture
Winter Solstice Eco-Friendly Necklace by Njia Studios
Small Wood Table by Xpress Yourself
Tree of Life Moleskine Journal by Silver Tree Art

For more of my picks, check out my Favorites (viewable from my Etsy Shop).

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