Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am quite obsessed with words, so it's only natural that I find written reminders or affirmations truly inspiring and powerful. One simple phrase can transform my attitude or mood so profoundly in just an instant. I suppose it could be the combination of two things that really grab at the core of my being: words and visual representations.

As a result of this love of mine, I've started to create these combination pieces and will soon be selling them in my Etsy shop. They are photographs (taken by me) that will be printed on stretched canvas with words or phrases superimposed on the image. The "wish" image above is one such creation (or will be once it is printed on canvas) and will be posted in my shop shortly.

The other examples above are some of my favorite reminders (from other fabulous Etsy sellers).

Keep calm and carry on by Queen's Order
Love by Restless Type
I am a successful artist by Linocut Boy

For more of my picks, visit my Favorites on Etsy.

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