Thursday, April 15, 2010

the business of art

I have been ravenous for information lately. And I have felt as if something greater than myself has been propelling me forward and in all the right directions while providing me with all the energy and passion I need to remain on my path. My life and the seemingly random events, interests and skills I've collected over the years suddenly make sense, and I can now connect them in a myriad of possible and newly obvious ways.

For so long I've felt like an eclectic mess of passions and skills that ultimately I was paralyzed by them all. I have felt restless and chaotic, changing jobs, states, and hobbies. But now I feel an internal peace and can finally hear the beat of the drum my soul has been pounding on...calling me home, calling me into my purpose(s).

One small example (because there are far too many to write about) of this sudden mental/spiritual connection is the realization that graduating from business school instead of art school is not something I should regret any further. I am suddenly grateful. It finally makes sense that I pushed myself to not only attend, but to excel in business school when I had always been an artist. Now here I am in the midst of establishing myself as a self-employed photographer, and drinking up every bit of information I can find concerning running a business (as an artist). Not only that, but my main focus (and secret passion lately) has been marketing my business.....once again bringing to my awareness the significance of a seemingly random decision: to choose marketing as a major in college.

The point is: life works out. That's a simplistic way to put it, but I believe it is that simple. It rarely feels like it and it's difficult to convince ourselves, let alone anyone else, that all the muck, all the chaos, all the beauty and all the qualities we possess that feel unrelated will someday reveal to us an extraordinary web of interconnectedness....our true purpose(s). But, I believe in all of us.

"I don't believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents."
~Pablo Picasso

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