Wednesday, April 21, 2010

om namah shivaya

For me, existing as a creative being is a high maintenance affair. Perhaps not in the typical sense as the "maintaining" of my creative power is playful, soothing and nourishing, but it does require a constant rotation of rituals and (spiritual) grooming. I don't believe it's uncommon for artists of any kind to find themselves blocked or uninspired at times, and this is where my self care regime comes in handy.

My strategies include activities that illicit a sense of connection to myself, to others and to the universe as a whole. It is in that connection and authentic being that I can access my power to create and my freedom of spirit. Sometimes this can be as simple as playing like a child....dancing around my living room until I'm sweaty and my hair is tangled, prancing around a muddy river with all my clothes on, or running down my street in the rain.

I need those moments of spontaneity to wriggle my creative juices loose and let the constricted existence society (and those around me, including myself) inflict on me on a daily basis. However, I also require a steady (ok, it's more chaotic than steady, I AM an artist after all) routine that I practice daily to remain in my sacred place. The list is long and ever-evolving, but some steadfast favorites include meditation, yoga, running, hot baths, walks in nature, and dancing.

Over recent years, yoga and meditation have proved most vital to my growth as an artist. And it's no coincidence that the mantra I've been using since I began meditating is "om namah shivaya." I happened upon this phrase before realizing what it meant, but the essence of it is at the core of all the self care rituals and creative nurturing I've described here. Literally it translates to "I bow to Shiva." Shiva is the supreme being, the consciousness that dwells in all. So what you are really saying is "I bow to the inner self/my true identity" while recognizing that this dwells in every being in existence. That sacred place is where my art originates from, my art is merely a channel between my true self and the world around me.

So...I dedicate every day to whatever it is I need to remain connected or bring myself back to my art, my passion, myself. And this is my life.


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