Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the perfect fall

It's officially beginning to look like fall in New England. There were signs of autumn all along my drive from Vermont to Connecticut last weekend, and just this morning I noticed leaves with bright orange tips in every direction. It still feels like summer given it's 100 degrees here, but I cannot wait to feel that first bit of crispness in the air and hear that first crunch under my footsteps. Fall is absolutely my favorite season...ahhh, just thinking about it elates me. I love everything about it: the colorful landscape, picking apples at the local orchard, the smell of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and brown sugar wafting around my house as I bake comforting baked goods, cozy sweaters and plush scarves hugging my body in the cool, dry air. It's the perfect season, and I wait all year for it to return.

It was no surprise that at the top of my list of things I missed while living in San Francisco was autumn in New England. I never felt quite right the whole time I was there, as if my body was constantly anticipating the changing of the seasons, which never came. It's interesting to me that we are internally programmed by our climate and location on the globe. But, it's no surprise to me because I absolutely crave the very climate that I often complain about; it's strange. I simply can't fathom how anyone living in an area without 4 seasons can feel that circle of completion I feel here in New England. There is a unique landscape, energy, set of emotions, and way of being associated with each season and I just don't feel complete without any of them.

To add to the pleasure of the autumn season this year, I have the privilege of getting married and I cannot wait. I'm so thrilled to experience this meaningful milestone nestled in the mountains of Vermont, vibrant colored trees surrounding us, and that perfect golden autumn light bouncing off our smiling faces. It's going to be perfect! And I'll be sure to write some posts about all the fall touches and artistic flair I'm bringing to the day, but not until after October 16th because I don't want to spoil to surprises for all my guests!

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  1. Great photos as always. I can't wait till the wedding!


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