Wednesday, August 29, 2012

farewell, summer

Alex goes back to work full-time next week, sadly signaling the end of summer. This time of year always comes with conflicted emotions, especially this year given we now have Emerson at home. It's going to be a huge adjustment for all of us, after spending the first three months of Em's life in a baby bubble—growing close as a family, slowly figuring out how to manage the new dynamics, and enjoying the comfort of constant support during the challenging times. It's been amazing to witness the bond between my husband and our baby grow. My heart feels giddy knowing that my daughter was blessed with having both of her parents around, totally engrossed in her every movement and sound, throughout her newborn period. And now, I'm nervous. Nervous to become the primary caregiver without any help, and nervous that Em and Alex will miss their daily rituals together. Sigh.

Mostly, I cannot believe that in one season, my baby went from THIS:



And now, some random photos from this summer….

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  1. She has changed SO MUCH- like, seriously looks nothing like she did as a newborn- INSANE!
    This new stage will be good too- just different! You will find joy in the look she gets when Alex walks in from a long day at work and you will value the time you are all together even more!


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