Monday, March 25, 2013

repartee of the day

Alexa: Emerson, I can't move with you standing in between my legs like that….wow, this making me flash back to ten months ago….there's really nothing like the feeling of a head between your legs.

*Perverted wink from Alex*

Alexa: Really?! Must you tarnish my birth experience with your perversion?!

Alex: As if it wasn't already tarnished by the three hours of ripping pain you felt the last time her head was there.

Alexa: No. That's not how I think of it. It was the most sacred experience….you don't get it, because you haven't given birth!

Alex: Yah, obviously. I love how you're always shocked when I say I don't "get" something because "I'm not a woman," as if it's news. I'm not a woman!

Alexa: Sigh…WHY NOT?!

Alex: Because, I was born with a penis 33 years ago.

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