Thursday, May 9, 2013

life in motion…and coming attractions!

I have a long, unpublished list of posts sitting here given I've been working on so many (emotionally-driven) projects in celebration of E turning one this coming weekend. I've overwhelmed myself to a serious degree, though. I just can't seem to take enough pictures, film enough videos, write enough words, make enough personalized decorations for the big party, put together enough time capsules commemorating the past year for Emerson to open up someday, or make enough crazy media pieces. I'm out. of. control. 

And so, I'm slightly paralyzed. I mean, I have no business taking on so much, especially given I've basically been taking care of Emerson on my own the past week. And I'm totally, ridiculously sleep-deprived on account of the fact that Emerson starting WALKING, and girlfriend cannot sleep because of it. AND. I'm up to my eyeballs in party planning, which is sort of my least favorite thing to do. 

So. I guess my point is, I have so much to share with you all….it's just coming out slower than anticipated. But, look forward to some great stuff in the next week! I'm talking video footage of me in labor (um, yes!), a special video dedicated to one-year of Emerson, a give away (oh yes, free prizes for y'all!), about a gazillion photos, and much more! 

For now, I have some short clips of Emerson learning to walk. Mind you, I absolutely die at how cute Emerson's crawl is, and will be so sad when she finally gives it up and walks 100% of the time (she's still crawling a lot). Oh, the sound of a baby crawling, happily and rapidly, about the house: smack, smack, smack (go the hands on hardwood floors). And Emerson has the sassiest crawl I've ever seen—swaying her hips from side to side and squealing with delight. Sigh. BUT. A baby learning to watch is thrilling. And so adorable. And it just makes me giggle. 

Emerson's steps are still a bit tipsy, but she's been making a lot of progress every day. Here are some of her first steps….

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