Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving and….moving

There are two moves going on in my life right now, both of which I've kept under wraps for months. The first is a virtual move. Yes, I will (finally) be moving this blog over to its very own domain….onto a website I've been diligently building for a while now: I'm really excited about this! After a few years of blogging on Blogger, my direction finally feels clear(ish) so it's time to take myself seriously. will be the same blog, just at a new site/address. I will make an announcement when it goes live.

The second move is a literal one. Next week I will be packing up my little family and heading off to a beautiful town just outside of Boston, where we will be living for the summer. We will still be living at home part-time every week, but it's going to be a big change nonetheless. I've sort of pushed this reality out of my mind ever since I found out it was happening (my husband took a summer position at the country's premier summer enrichment program…..way to go, Alex!). But, I can't ignore it any longer, because it's happening in just a few short days. 

I've worried about the affect this move will have on Emerson, the challenge of packing/moving/commuting every week, and living in a much smaller space without many of the comforts we are so used to. But, it is also exciting! This is our first legitimate adventure as a family, something Alex and I have missed these past two years spent gestating and raising a child. So, I have to say that the eternal adventurer/wanderer in me is pretty pumped to be moving to a new place, completely sight unseen. And, I may just not want to ever come home after rejoining the world of suburbia…..a major city minutes away….shopping and restaurants within walking distance….free food prepared for me every day….pristine, architecturally magnificent buildings surrounding me…..a pool and gym across the yard. I mean. It's peaceful and beautiful living atop this tiny mountain in the middle of nowhere, but I'm forever pulled by the green grass on the other side of wherever I am. Sigh.

So, there you have it, folks! Big changes next week! I will still be here blogging throughout. I can't wait to see what this summer will bring to my blog (and my life)!

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