Friday, June 7, 2013

The workout I'm currently loving

I talked about my postpartum workout strategy yesterday: focus on one body issue at a time. I think I've achieved some great results with this strategy, because it's more realistic and easy to fit into my busy life as a mother. In addition to my focused workout, I utilize my "5 ways to lose the baby weight without trying" on a daily basis so my whole body is still getting some attention. I also take Emerson for walks several times a week.


Back to the focused routine. I was getting sick of not being able to keep my pants up after I lost the baby weight. I had no junk in the trunk to keep them on my hips! Which is why, I am currently loving the Brazilian Butt Workout. If you're on Pinterest, you may have come across it. Well, trust me, you will feel the burn with this one! Personally, I love the feeling of waking up with sore muscles the next day because it's proof that I'm making progress. And I am making progress! If I knew I would be writing about this on my blog one day, I would have taken before and after photos, became damn. What is it about pregnancy that makes your butt flat, droopy and extra jiggly? I don't know, but I decided to do something about the "mom butt" a couple of months ago. Thanks to the Brazilian Butt Workout, I'm happy to report that my buns are looking rounder, firmer and less assaulted by gravity. 

The workout suggests doing the whole routine three times through, but I will be the first to admit that that sounded impossible to me at first. Okay….it still does. It's all about easing into exercise and being realistic for me as a postpartum woman, so I decided to only commit to doing half the routine once through, and gradually increase that over time. That wasn't so much a choice as it was a necessity given I collapsed onto the floor, unable to move my legs the first time I did the workout (okay….again, this still happens).

This is also a great routine to do while watching the kids. Emerson is thoroughly amused and entertained watching me work my buns out! She especially likes to watch me do frog jumps!


I hope you enjoyed health and fitness week as much as I did! I'm feeling this as an addition to my blog right now so I'm going to go with it—maybe once a week—as long as I feel like it's working. 

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