Tuesday, September 21, 2010

apple picking

Fall time in New England just doesn't feel complete without a trip to the apple orchard to pick some crisp, tasty fruit. I love the whole process--the long, windy drive through the countryside, the smell of fresh apples wafting up and down the rows of perfectly placed apple trees, the long walk on a sunny fall day, biting into apple after apple in search of perfection, and the autumn spiced baked goods pouring out of my kitchen afterwards. We made a delicious gluten-free apple pie this time, but I'm thinking our next trip will yield a nice apple spice bread. Oh, I love autumn!


  1. Such a great season! I took the kids to the orchard on Monday- I love this time of year!!! Beautiful pics hun- I can't beleive you are getting married in a couple weeks- INSANE!

  2. Thanks lady! I know, fall is the best! It must be so fun to take the kiddies to the orchard!! I can't wait to share those activities with children:) And I cannot believe I'm getting married in a couple of weeks either!! Totally surreal. Can't wait though!


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