Monday, September 20, 2010

a deviation from my usual sunshine hippie style

I am not one of those people who is fascinated by disturbing images or areas of life. I do not enjoy disturbing movies or images of death, violence or gore...heck, I can't even watch the news because my big heart and wild visual memory cannot handle the horrific. I just choose to quietly accept those realities but focus my attention on the parts of life that light my heart up and make me smile.

I'd say the part of my brain that makes me an artist and writer combined with my sensitive and gentle nature is the cause of my avoidance of any and all things disturbing. Being an artist, I naturally think and experience life visually. My memory is filled with billions and billions of intricate and detailed pictures, without sound. Being a writer, I am also wildly imaginative and cannot stop my mind from creating fantastical stories based on the images locked away in my brain. When I put those two things together, my sensitive soul would rather the bulk of those slideshows in my head be filled with smiles and sunshine. That's just me. I would rather look at the girl on the side of the road handing out daisies to strangers than look at the bloody car crash in the middle of the traffic.

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