Wednesday, September 22, 2010

red, red, red

I am very drawn to color and the way different shades play off of one another. I am so emotionally affected by it. A mystical shade of deep green swimming around a low key variation of aqua, being hugged by ivory and lightly freckled with a rosy pink...well, I find myself lost in the emotion of it. That combination, for instance, makes me smile, then sigh, then feel overcome by a feeling of soothing and peace.

While I have a deep appreciation for black and white photography, and often feel more compelled to shoot my portraits that way, there is something magnificent about those photographs in which the colors line up in perfect harmony. I love the portrait of Cupcake above for this reason. The burnt red of the brick contrasting against her porcelain skin, bringing out the vibrancy of the scarlet hair piece, bouncing off the chesnutty red of her hair, and the faint rose glowing in her cheeks. To me, it's perfection.

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