Monday, November 22, 2010

buttercup history

I've been obsessively digging through my history lately. This mass excavation has been more than psychological though; I have been scouring my lifetime of files of photos and personal recordings. I have always been one to look back in order to better understand the present, and to intentionally walk into the future of my I tend to revisit my physical history fairly regularly. Pouring through the images of my life, reading my childhood diaries and books filled with my poetry, watching home movies and listening to the music I made once upon a time (not so long ago) has become somewhat of a yearly ritual for me. I deeply value the perspective I gain from remembering where I came from in order to fully realize where I am today.

I shared one of my songs, The Consequence of DNA, a few days ago (the 11/19 entry on my tumblr) and today I have dug up an old performance poetry piece of mine. This is reminiscent of my days in San Francisco, where I lived in an apartment by myself with plenty of time to artistically explode in the comfort of my solitude. I would spend my days painting in my underwear, dancing in my dark living room by candlelight, writing poetry over a dinner of fresh baked cookies, penning my music in the afternoon sunshine.....ahhhhh!

At any rate, you can listen to my Buttercup History on my tumblr page. I wrote this piece of poetry as a performance piece, to be heard rather than read. I was sitting in my quiet apartment one afternoon, looking out my windows across Golden Gate Park with the Marin Headlands and Pacific ocean glowing in the distant background. It was such a peaceful moment in which I wanted to create art, but did not want to lend myself to my darker emotions (the oft visited location for artistic inspiration). So I sat down in an attempt to recall my childhood through rose-colored glasses, bringing up all the intensely joyful moments of being a kid and enjoying life. Buttercup History was the result. Enjoy!

Sadly, I don't have any personal photographs of buttercups (something I've been dying to capture for years!). I did find myself walking through the most perfect field of buttercups in Elizabeth Park last spring with my lovely friend Hannah. Unfortunately, I had to kick myself for leaving my camera back at her house. However, I was able to find some truly beautiful and vibrant Buttercup pieces on Etsy this morning. I've shared those pieces bellow. Check out these amazing shops! I am so inspired by the works of these talented artists!! And I now have my eye on all these pieces....and am scheming to purchase a few!

HAVE TO have this!!

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  1. A beautiful collection - thanks for including my "Field of Buttercups." You have some lovely work yourself!


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