Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tie dyed mama

My sister-in-law, Nicole, is seriously the most adorable pregnant woman! I am one of those individuals who finds pregnancy utterly beautiful and sacred so it's not surprising that I find her so adorable. She makes me wonder what my tiny frame will look like when I'm carrying a baby....and I have to say, I honestly can't wait to see myself with a round belly. I'm sure all the changes to my body won't be as easy to swallow when the time actually comes, but right now I am convinced that I will love being pregnant. It seems impossible to imagine myself with so many curves, but I'm sure it will be entertaining for everyone to watch the tiny girl grow. Wow, I guess I should put this out there: "no, I'm not pregnant!" I think it's just a biological reflex, given my age, to feel drawn to pregnancy. Someday though! I'm a Cancer, so I won't feel complete until I am a mother....I often wonder if people always know that I'm referring to astrology when I say that. It doesn't often occur to me that the rest of the world may not put much stock into what my sign has to say about me.

I admit, I do believe in astrology. I identify with my sign of Cancer in every single respect and can often be heard responding to people with "oh, well obviously...he's a Sagittarius" or "she'll be the best big sister when you have your baby because she's a Cancer." It's just something that makes sense to me. At any rate, I was in heaven when one of my favorite Etsy shops, The Dirty Housewife, started a line of Zodiac channeling oils. Wow! Totally pulled me in. They smell delightful, and I LOVE the premise behind the oils...."These are blended to match each Sun sign and be inspired by the seasons, birth flowers, spices, and herbs, and personalities. The oils will speak to your most primeval senses and touch your soul on a deep and instinctive level, as we naturally tend to vibrate to the essences of our birth months, or to the essences of the season we are living in."

I also find The Dirty Housewife's descriptions of each of the astrological signs to be more spot on and interesting than your run-of-the-mill horoscope listings. Bellow is her description of a Cancer, my sign, which will tell you all you need to know about me. So insightful. I felt like I understood myself better after reading it, which is bizarre, but true. I truly used to live the life of a gypsy, and was very difficult to pin down as far as relationships and homes. But, once I met my husband I was suddenly propelled into a settled life, longing to find a home to live in for the foreseeable future.

At any rate, I highly recommend the zodiac channeling oils, even if you don't think about your astrological sign as much as I do. I gave Nicole a vile of the Sagittarius blend a couple of months ago and she could not stop wow-ing and smelling her wrist. The scents really do speak to you in some cosmic way, unique in that you've never smelt anything quite like it, but so comforting and familiar. Sadly, The Dirty Housewife is on vacation for the holidays so you can't view her shop until Monday, but I highly suggest checking it out then! I'm obsessed with her products.

"Nobody will ever love you like a Cancer. Nobody will ever nurture you and make you feel like you are THE GREATEST thing to walk the earth like Cancer either! Too bad they do not stick around long enough to do it! Cancer is THE Great Escape Artist of the Zodiac Wheel. These little nomads should have covered wagons and hats. But even a traveling Gypsy has to plant their roots somewhere, and when they finally settle down and do it for good they will realize they had what they were looking for all along- inside their great big hearts. Emotions play a key role for these little crabs wearing their homes on their backs, moving at night with the cycles of the moon as they are constantly in search of the next nurturing nourishment. Cancers generally make the best parents of the Zodiac, and happiest when nurturing the little ones. Home is definitely where the Heart is."

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