Monday, April 4, 2011

going to california: a led zeppelin tribute

I wish this was a better picture...will have to reshoot it later.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I came up with the idea to create paintings inspired by Classic Rock songs thus melting together two of my greatest passions: art and music. My first painting is based on my first inspiration, the song that started this whole visualization I now experience when I listen to music: Going to California by Led Zeppelin, specifically the line "someone told me there's a girl out there/ with love in her eyes/ and flowers in her hair." 

I am still contemplating whether or not I want to add the word "California" above her head (in white). I realized many, many hours into the painting process that I would have liked to see a flat, white image of the state of California behind the girl, but now that the painting is done I think I might settle for the simple addition of the word. Thoughts? With or without?

I have to say, this was exciting to paint! There is nothing like a ripe, new idea being plopped into your head from above, nestling up against your creativity centers until you are overwhelmed by passion. I feel completely blessed every time I have this experience and more sure that I am walking the right path......fulfilling my purpose. I could ramble about this for many paragraphs, but the point is I am super excited to continue painting this series, because there are an endless amount of songs that inspire and light me up inside. I have so many ideas! Interestingly, once the switch was turned on, I realized that I had always been hearing music as a visualization. I see the music. It moves me in a way that inspires art. Only now do I realize what to do with that and the floodgates have been opened!

Some more of the painting process:

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  1. This looks great! I really like it. I really like the way it looks now, but i think adding cali to the top would be fab. I"m really diggin the eyes


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