Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tea cup wisdom

I've been in bed sick since Sunday, and begrudgingly that's where I'll stay today. I am, however, stubbornly insisting on writing a blog post today, because I committed myself to daily posting some time ago and up until yesterday I had not broken that commitment. 

Why the commitment? I have dreams of this blog leading me in the right direction, and of course, I have dreams of finding an audience that enjoys my writing! To boil it down to an even more simplistic level, I write this blog every day to honor myself exactly the way I am… feel free to be that person and share her with the world. This may not seem like a significant feat, but for me it is. Coming out of an alcoholic household, one of the most difficult struggles in my life has been figuring out who the heck I am, what I stand for, what I want, and what I have to give to the world. One of the unfortunate side effects of being an ACOA (adult child of an alcoholic) is a flimsy sense of identity. Coincidentally, my entire life has been a mad hunt for myself. 

I have always been deeply committed to figuring myself out. I can't say I'm completely cured of this issue, but I can say this blog is a testament to the steady ground my identity stands on today. And because I write with the freedom to be myself, no longer stymied by outside opinions or thrown off track by attempts to steer me into being someone else……I know I am walking the path of truth and that is where I'll find my success (whatever that success is). 

I admit, I did commit to writing every week day based on all the research I did awhile back on successful blogs (one prevailing axiom of successful blogs: post every day). But, taking that advice has actually helped me as an artist and as an individual in more ways that I had anticipated.  

Now….back to bed.


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  1. feel better :) drink lots of tea and get some rest.. you'll be better in no time.


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