Wednesday, April 6, 2011

shadow boxes

Shadow boxes are something like an adult version of dioramas, they allow you to get your creative juices flowing a bit instead of simply popping a photo in a frame. The use of three dimensional objects really transforms a snapshot into an experience....and puts to use all those little scraps of memorabilia that you collect and usually put in a keepsake box out of sight. 

I put together a shadow box this past weekend to immortalize a small sliver of my husband's and my honeymoon. Those 10 days in paradise were so incredible and meaningful (not to mention ridiculously FUN) that every time we talk about it or think about it we are able to experience just a little bit of that feeling of why not bring that smile of remembrance to our faces daily when we look at our shadow box?  We brought back quite a few trinkets from that trip in my dramatic attempt to hold onto as much of it as possible, so I had a lot to work with when it came time to put together the shadow box. The only problem was that the shadow box suddenly seemed SO tiny when I laid out all my Antiguan treasures.....and I still have a box of memorabilia, but that will go in the beautiful handmade, Antiguan mango wood box that my husband bought me while we were there. Smile.

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