Wednesday, August 17, 2011

one week until i'm finally home!

I have been totally slacking on my blog entries lately (at least it feels that way to me). It really does bother me, though, because I feel like I lose my momentum in life when I'm not posting (or posting anything substantial)—it's a way to hold myself accountable for moving forward and committing myself to my art. But, as the summer winds down I find myself exhausted from the stress and chaos of living in a new city temporarily while most of my belongings sit in a storage unit. There has certainly been some fun too (this summer), but looking for a house and then jumping through all the necessary paperwork hoops in order to get ourselves into the house in a timely fashion (why doesn't anyone talk about how tedious and never-ending the house-buying process is?!) has got me looking forward to the end of summer and the new beginning my husband and I will embark upon this fall. 

We move into our house in exactly one week and I am ecstatic about it! I can't wait to get my hands on the largest canvas I've ever had to work with and my brain has not stopped churning—a kitchen reno, transforming the sunroom into an art/yoga studio, 2 cozy guest rooms to decorate, a master bedroom to turn into an oasis, an office to transform into a bright, cheery room that will inspire me to be productive and get my business rolling….so. much. to. do.

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