Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lila, Olivia and mama Nicole

It is a true honor every time I get the opportunity to photograph families. And there is nothing more precious than capturing the love and natural interactions between small children. Sigh. This is the stuff of life, the real beauty to be seen. It is also quite exciting to photograph a family throughout the many stages of their life together, such as the first child, second pregnancy, second child, etc. I look forward to many more photo sessions with these beautiful girls over the years….

Sisterly love is so sweet.

The beautiful connection between mother and daughter.

I will always be there, waiting with a hug for you little sister.

It's as if the heavens shine upon her face every time she smiles that angelic smile.

The glow of a mother is pure beauty.


Portrait of a mother…burp cloth in hand.

Sweet Lila kisses for mama.

Seeing the world through her brand new eyes can fill you with curiosity and wonder in an instant.


Thank you Van Zandt girls for bearing the 95 degree heat and inspiring me beyond belief! xoxo

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