Friday, March 2, 2012

photo friday

Tragedy befell me this week….my camera broke! Given I live 45 minutes away from anyone who can fix it, and I'm completely exhausted by the end of pregnancy, I have no idea when I'll get it fixed. But, I didn't want to give up on my photo challenge, so this week I selected two photos from the past to compensate for the lack of present day photos. Here it goes...

11. makes you happy

Being out in the wilderness with my hubby (who is
in the back of this canoe).

The fall season.

12. inside your closet

The empty walk-in closet in our old apartment where
my husband proposed to me.

Walk-in closet, how I miss thee.

13. blue

The highway into Vail, Colorado.

Blue flowers. Obvs.

14. heart

I left my heart in... 
My sister-in-law's pregnant belly.

15. phone

Polka dot phone at happy hour…ages ago.
My man on the phone (when we first
moved in together, aww).

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