Wednesday, September 26, 2012

showers are a luxury

Conversation between Alex and I:

Me: I really need to take a shower now.

Alex: You and your showers!

Me: It's the only thing I do that makes me feel like a normal human being!

Alex: You're not a normal human being, you're a mother.

That pretty much sums things up.

P.S. I've taken to eating coconut ice cream in the middle of the day. After being pregnant for 10 months and now exclusively breastfeeding my baby, self deprivation has become my middle name. It turns out I've had to give up even more as a breastfeeding mom than as a pregnant lady. My daughter quickly reacted to even the tiniest amount of coffee when I attempted to add it back to my morning routine again after she was born (think horrendous colicky fits and a complete crack addict lying next to me wide awake all night, thrashing about). And, she also voiced her disgust for dairy in her breast milk. So…..non-dairy coconut ice cream in the middle of the day, because every mama needs something (that, and if I leave it as an after dinner snack I never get to eat it, because someone suddenly needs me desperately).

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  1. Yeah- I can totally recall showers feeling like heaven- and for me, I think they happened like every 3 days or so;) It's amazing how much it changes you isnt it?!


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