Thursday, October 11, 2012

honestly adorable: random diaper ramblings

We cloth diaper in our household, but not 100% of the time. I originally intended to commit myself completely to the budget-, baby-, and planet-friendly way of diapering, but have been afraid to put Emerson in cloth diapers overnight since she was born. I made the mistake(?) of buying a package of disposable diapers when I was setting up my nursery—the purpose was to spare my cloth diapers of the meconium that would be exiting my child's bum during the first week of life. But, in hindsight, I think it might've been easier if I had just cloth diapered from day one. And now, I have a 5-month-old baby who is a heavy wetter so I cannot imagine a cloth diaper making it the twelve hours that she is in bed at night (cloth diapering mamas, if you're out there, suggestions for making it overnight?). Even her disposable diapers cannot handle all the pee so we've been dealing with puddles in our bed almost nightly (and a whole lot of laundry, daily). 

I've tried every brand of non-toxic disposables that I can find, because, while I cannot seem to cope with cloth diapering overnight, I also cannot cope with chlorine-, petrochemical, PVC-filled disposable diapers on my child's body either. I figure that I'm at least being a little bit kinder to the earth and to my child's sensitive skin (not exactly kind to my wallet, though) by going with a less toxic diaper. If only they didn't suck so much and could actually hold up to my daughter's nighttime issues. I hate to say it, but I haven't had a good experience with eco-friendly diapers….until I tried the Honest Company. I'm not going to say they are perfect, but they are world's better than any of the other diapers I've tried.

We've been using Seventh Generation from the beginning (and have also tried the Whole Foods 365 brand and Earth's Best), but have always had issues with them. So, I ordered the free Honest Company discovery kit. These are some seriously well-made 100% non-toxic, planet-based, biodegradable diapers (not all "eco diapers" are, by the way). AND they are so incredibly adorable. I'm a sucker for anything that comes in a pretty package.

My mini-plug continues. The Honest Company is subscription based so it is not very economical unless you sign up for monthly shipments. This bummed me out, until I called Customer Service and the bubbly, friendly, incredibly helpful girl on the other end of the phone (I sort of felt like I was actually talking to Jessica Alba-who owns the company if you didn't know-they must only hire people with the same personality as her character from Good Luck Chuck). The Customer Service rep told me that since I cloth diaper and cannot use a full monthly supply of diapers and wipes (we also use cloth wipes) they could send me a shipment of diapers in multiple sizes since I'd be using them for several months instead of one AND they would postpone my next "monthly shipment" for several months. Love this company. 

End of plug.

I really just wanted to post pictures of Emerson modeling the adorable diapers….


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