Friday, October 19, 2012

give me the first taste

I've been stressing about when to start Emerson on solid foods. Like every other decision regarding my child (or life in general), I have probably been putting too much time into weighing my options, reading and researching. Let's just say, I don't take decision-making lightly (both a blessing and a curse). 

Breastfeeding did not start out well for me—there were cracked and bloody nipples, there was pain, there was a lot to learn. But, once I got past those first few hurdles, I have enjoyed being my child's life source. Being pregnant and breastfeeding are two incredible experiences in life, because of that fact. Growing and nourishing another human being is just miraculous and satisfying. So, naturally I've been content to fill my baby's belly with breast milk….and hesitant to introduce anything else. Emerson, however, is very interested in food and the sight of a person eating will stop her dead in her tracks.

Last Sunday, I decided to make a batch of baby food to freeze. We have been hauling home quite the bountiful fall harvest every week from our farm share and I wanted to put some of those fresh, local, organic veggies to good use. My in-laws also recently sent us this amazing baby food maker, which I've been dying to try out. Despite all my hesitation, I got excited about Emerson's first taste of food, as I was heaping pureed butternut squash into tiny mason jars. I decided we'd give her a few bites, just for fun. I imagined tasting nothing but breast milk her whole life and then tasting and feeling food on her tongue would be a huge moment. So, I gave her some butternut squash (to hold her over until we actually start solids). In the end, it was more of a big deal for me and nothing good or bad came of it (there may be a life lesson somewhere in there). My always serious child, for the most part, acted as if she'd eaten a thousand things, a thousand times before. Like, no big deal. Oh, Emerson.

My husband documented the experience...

Getting ready...
Super excited that the food seems to be going
in her direction for once.
Yes! Give that to me!
Oh...wait…I don't know about this.
What just happened to me?
I'm stunned.
Wait, let me try again.
I don't know, mommy.
Why are you so excited about this, mama? I won't
lie to you, you look kind of insane.
Ok, I like it.

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