Friday, October 26, 2012

this is our life

I've been struggling to post on a regular basis for the last few months. There are two reasons for this: #1, I had a baby and need to readjust my expectations, and #2, insecurity. I won't get into #2 in this post, but I am trying to do something about #1. 

I am not skilled in the ways of being brief. My husband likes to say that I "talk in essays." This is true. Also true, I write in essays, and that is more than I can do most days of the week nowadays. So, I'm trying to learn the art of cutting to the chase. To that end, I've come up with one solution to my posting problem and it is called: This is Our Life. "And, this is our life" is something Alex and I started saying in the middle of crazy parenting moments that sometimes seem totally bizarre objectively speaking, but feel totally normal to us (or sometimes, don't, but it's still our life). As I was saying this very phrase to my husband last night, a lightbulb went on and this idea was born.

So, I will post very real, very small (and hopefully very entertaining!) unfiltered morsels of our life—sort of the blog equivalent of Twitter updates. This will be a series, stuck in amongst the other series pieces I've been working. I hope you like it! The first will be posted on Monday….as long as I don't lose power courtesy of frankenstorm/moonapocalypse. Oh, please. No, we will not lose power. In fact, we'll be totally fine and untouched by disaster. Just putting that out into the Universe.

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