Friday, October 22, 2010

alex's vows

Photography by Natalie Schlegel

Yesterday I shared the wedding vows I wrote for Alex. Today I will share what he wrote for me....
Alexa, I first saw you (as an adult) when I came to pick you up in a blizzard. I got lost on the way, but then your neon orange jacket suddenly shown out, walking down the white road to meet me. Your green eyes spoke of kindness and your smile immediately calmed me and allowed me to tell you all the difficult things that so often go unspoken between two people. As we had dinner, it was as if going out with a familiar friend, with whom conversation was as effortless as air. When you attacked me with kisses in the car afterwards, I got the sense that the feeling was mutual. Since then life has been easy.
For you have eased in me what was angry, have brightened the parts of me that were sad. As a perfectionist, I never saw the accomplishments I had attained, I never saw any sort of progress. I only saw that which I did not have. But your constant expressions of love, your constant reminders of how far I have come, and of everything that I am worth, have eased me to the point that I could die today and still feel truly content and accomplished, no matter what. For as long as you hold my hand and calm me with your gentle words, I will always find the satisfaction in any trouble.
I promise that I will always try to provide you with the same sense of comfort. I will hug you when you need reassurance, kiss you when you need love, remind you of your talents when you are insecure, and calm you when you are agitated. No matter what tragedy life may throw at us in the years ahead, I will remain by your side, with faith as blind as the snow I found you in, and love: warm and hot and forever.


  1. Both of your vows were so meaningful and lovely- it was so nice to see that part of your relationship and to share it with everyone on your wedding day. So much love!

  2. Awww, thank you!!! I was so glad you were there to share in our day. xoxo


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