Tuesday, October 26, 2010

om baby baby

I light up with passion and inspiration when I am photographing, but what takes that experience to a completely different level is when my subject picks up on my energy and we begin to flow like one stream of creativity. Sometimes this happens when I pick up on my subject's vibe and I begin to imagine their experience of life....somewhat like an actress getting into character. And sometimes my subject picks up on my particular way of seeing the world and take it on as they pose. This doesn't always happen, mind you.....but when it does, it's an exciting experience of being in the moment, fully alive.

On that note, I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Nicole because we share a spiritual, yoga-centric understanding of life. And given Nicole's admiration of all things hippie, I am able to pull her more in my direction. As she put it, her husband was going to notice that she came home from my house smelling like Patchouli, slathering herself in the bar of homemade soap I gave her (aptly called "Om"), and speaking of meditation beads and the natural beauty of her pregnant body. Love it.

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