Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fallen leaves

Yesterday was a spectacular fall day here in Connecticut.....a warm 70 degrees and the foliage almost at its peak. I couldn't help myself from stopping at my favorite park in New Canaan to enjoy the splendor of such a perfect day. A spirit of freedom and appreciation began to fill me up as soon as I started walking across the sprawling lawns, so much so that I flung my shoes off and sank my bare feet into the cushiony grass beneath me. I spent an hour meandering my way around from beautiful tree to beautiful tree, all the while intensely feeling connected to the earth through the bare skin of my feet sliding across sticky grass, damp dirt and crunchy leaves. It was heavenly.....and I took quite a few pictures which only made it more amazing (these are only a small portion of them and are nothing great, but they make me happy).

I have to say I am mesmerized by falling leaves. Something in me feels a release followed by great freedom watching the tantalizing yellow, juicy orange, and brazen red leaves unhitch themselves from their branches and float in a swaying dance down to the earth to be reabsorbed. And I love to see the ground carpeted in them....I am genuinely sad when I see people raking up the leaves the minute they fall.

More fall goodness to come....

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