Thursday, October 21, 2010

we're married!

Well, we did it! Alex and I became husband and wife this past Saturday in beautiful Stowe, Vermont. It was more magical, significant and fun than either of us could have imagined.

One thing we heard repeatedly was that our vows were incredibly touching. Since we are both writers we naturally felt compelled to pen the words ourselves....I suppose it was more like we wouldn't have had it any other way. We also co-wrote our entire ceremony so we were excited to share that (and our vows) with our friends and family (second to that was showing off all my handmade decorations and personal touches--look for future blogs about that).

So given the rave reviews we received about our ceremony, I thought what better way to continue to share the magic than to post our vows. I will post mine today and will post Alex's tomorrow. Enjoy the love!

Photography by Natalie Schlegel

Alex, on our first date I looked across the table at you and immediately thought “I love this man and time will uncover all the reasons for this instant and pure emotion.” After that I came to know you and love you so quickly because I had finally found someone with the same intense level of openness, passion, introspection, honesty, romantic inclination and zeal for life that I have. As you drove me home from our second date you told me that you had always longed to have someone know all your stories, to hear the whole truth of Alex and to understand your experience without words. Today I stand here feeling honored to be that person.
In loving you I have opened myself in a way I never thought possible. You have witnessed more than anyone else all the ways that I shine and all the ways that I struggle, and through it all you have been an unwavering voice of acceptance and support. You have taught me what unconditional love is and have provided me with the safety and comfort I need to better myself every day. In return I have been able to love you as intensely, openly and authentically as you deserve. Thank you for knowing exactly how to love me.
I promise to spend my life returning all the beautiful gifts you give me daily. I will forever nurture our friendship so that we may always be blessed with the laughter, adventures, passionate conversation and deep sense of connection that both of us thrive on. I will give you my acceptance and support so that you may always have a safe place to share yourself and feel the comfort of a hand that always holds yours. I will offer you the free flowing affection, praise, gentleness and indulgence that you offer me so you may always know how truly beautiful, unique and loveable you are. Most importantly I will spend the rest of my days filling your life with the uncontrollable and passionate love that never stops pouring from my heart to yours. I will love you forever.

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