Monday, October 25, 2010

farmer's market

I felt very inspired by the fresh produce at the Farmer's market over this past weekend. I'm often inspired by what I eat....awed by the tasty beauty the earth has bestowed upon us and all the magical nooks and crannies to be found inside their skin. Fruits and vegetables are honesty breathtaking to me, as dramatic as that sounds.

This particular Saturday full of autumn sunshine, local farmers and my sweet husband's hand holding mine as we wandered the tables of produce was somehow more perfect and inspiring than other Saturdays. It's amazing how buying something straight from the source makes you feel more connected to your community, to what you put into your precious body and to the experience of life itself. It's profound.

Alex and I actually have a dream to live on a mini farm in Vermont. We are hoping to move to the Green Mountain State this coming summer (cross your fingers that we find jobs there and can make it happen!), but the mini farm is probably farther into the future. It's just something that brought us together....this borderline Thoreau-vian life we have dreamt up and are partly living already. We envision ourselves someday, in this country home, making as much as we can from scratch, growing as much of our food as possible and enjoying a more simple existence than we're currently living. Ahhhh to dream.....

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