Wednesday, December 1, 2010

blogger love (part 2): hannah j

I am blessed to have so many creative and talented people in my life! Hannah J of Angel Babies, Paint & Cookies is one of them! I've known Hannah since I was somewhere around 8 years old (the exact year escapes me) and her artistic spirit has always amazed me. I remember back in high school being fascinated by her artistic phases, like the time she suddenly, yet desperately, needed her own potter's wheel to toss clay on in her bedroom. And she was always painting, something I totally admired.

When I was a very young girl (age 5-13) I was also a wild painter. I believe my inability to communicate or process my difficult home environment led me to form an intimate relationship with art (of all kinds). It was (and still is) a "safe place" to let my emotions out, and with painting it felt even safer, because a painting can be totally subjective. No one could know for sure what I was trying to communicate across the canvas, and I liked that. I was free and expressive with a paint brush in my hand. I was in a special art program in grammar school that allowed me to miss some of my regular classes to be taken out on nature walks with an easel, canvas and oil paints in tow. I also sat with a professional artist once a week to paint with her. But sadly, one day I put down my paint brush and have been struggling to find that part of myself ever since. That is another story entirely!! But, back to the amazing Hannah J!! (I can't help but delve into my past when I think of her:)

Hannah never stopped painting and I am drawn to that freedom in her. Both her abstracts and representational works are stunning in my opinion. There is something very raw and so inspiring in her style, and her use of color and texture is delicious. I especially love her abstract collection inspired by fallen leaves, and the imprints they leave behind on the pavement. Gorgeous! I am lucky enough to own one of these paintings, and it adds so much warmth to my home.

Among Hannah's many other talents is her budding mural business. I would highly recommend hiring her to liven up a corner of your home if you live in the Connecticut area! She truly transforms every wall she paints into a unique world. It's an amazing way to add character and something personal to your space. Check out some of her work below, and contact her through her blog, Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies if you are interested in hiring her.

Last, but by no means least, stop by and check out her lifestyle blog: Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies. She has far more talents than painting and murals. She truly approaches everything in life with such artistic passion. She often posts unbelievable recipes with easy how-to's, and believe me your taste buds will thank you for trying one of them out. I also find her a great source of decorating inspiration--she obviously has an incredible eye for the aesthetic and it shines through in the way she puts a room together.

The last thing I will say about Hannah J is that I am THRILLED to be embarking upon a project with her! This coming spring we will co-host an art opening, with our art work up on the walls for sale! SO exciting! But, I am sure you can contact her to purchase one of her beautiful paintings should you not be on the guest list:)

Love you Hannah! Thank you for the constant inspiration and long talks about creativity!

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  1. Thank you for this amazing post Alexa- you are such an inspiring individual to me! Your curiosity and extreme drive to say and do what your heart says- makes you so unique and special. xoxo


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