Wednesday, December 8, 2010

gift guide: etsy finds for particular folks

It turns out, I could spend all day (window) shopping for gifts. I've always been an incredibly thoughtful gift-giver (not to toot my own horn:), in that I lock away in my memory random mentions of items a person likes or wishes they had; and I truly attempt to channel a person's personality and current emotions when I pick out their gift.

I'm not doing much shopping this year, but I am enjoying perusing all the goodies on Etsy and categorizing them in helpful ways for other shoppers. If you haven't already checked out my first gift buying guide you can do so here. Otherwise, enjoy my suggestions below! They are handmade and unique gifts for particular personalities.

The Candle Lover


  1. Great finds!
    I love the bare tree messenger bag!
    Thank you so much for including my rainforest dish :)

  2. Awesome gift ideas! Thanks so much:)



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