Saturday, December 4, 2010

holiday wish lists: gift ideas

Art Print on Canvas by Lola Rain Photography.

It's that time of year when we find ourselves with a sudden influx of wish lists and we inevitably contemplate what little trinkets and desired items we'd like to add to our own list. Like most children, I always LOVED the task of creating my list when I was a child. I remember believing in Santa Claus and so believing I could ask for whatever I wanted, no matter how extravagant. I'd pour over the Encyclopedia sized JC Penny catalogue that used to come to our house in the 80's; spending hours analyzing and dog earring the glossy pages. And I'd pay extra attention to any TV advertisement that tried to entice me into wanting a certain toy. Those were the days...

These days I find the "favorites" tool available on most online shopping sites to be a great invention, because I often find myself feeling overwhelmed this time of year trying to remember that item I really wanted months ago or that perfect gift I found for someone else one day back in June. One place I am constantly adding items to my Favorites list is Etsy. I have to admit, though once in awhile I add something that I actually intend to buy and want to remember, for the most part I love to chalk it full of fun, unique treasures that I adore just for the heck of it. It's somehow more fun to compile a list that has no purpose or limits (and Etsy seems to be a never-ending world of treats).

So here are some of my favorites from Etsy that could serve as a helpful gift-buying guide for some:

Ceramic Bowls by Elm Studios

These bowls are so delicate and pretty. You could use them to hold rings, burn incense cones, store your favorite earrings, or as a decorative piece with tiny things you've collected in your travels like beach stones, shells or foreign coins.

Chelsea Victoria has such a whimsical collection of prints. I especially love this's so dreamlike and beautiful.

I'm really loving the bright orange on this canvas tote. I think it would add such a rejuvenating pop of life to one's daily routine.

Window Original Abstract Oil Painting by Maria Kitano

I absolutely LOVE Maria Kitano's abstract collection. I would have trouble deciding which one to buy though. The washes of color and images they evoke are breathtaking.

Read Wooden Sign by Old New Again

I envision this sign being hung in the sun-filled, window seat reading nook surrounded by bookshelves that I dream of having in my house someday. But, it would be a perfect decorative gift for the book lover in your life, or for someone to hang in a child's room as a gentle reminder.

These would be a great gift for the yogis in your life. I have the Peace Sign Mug by Moorefield Pottery and I can tell you her mugs are exquisitely crafted and glazed, and super comfortable to hold. It's my favorite mug in my cupboard right now (and I have a lot of handmade mugs!).

What Dreams May Come Soap (Lavender Oakmoss Lotus Ylang Ylang) by The Dirty Housewife

I mentioned The Dirty Housewife in one of my postings last week, and if you haven't checked out her shop by now you should! I really cannot say enough about her expertly crafted bath and body products. They are great for anyone who enjoys natural, eco friendly, luxurious products to kiss their skin. On top of her heavenly scented greatness are the wonderful descriptions she writes for each of her items...she really helps you figure out if the item is for you or not. A god send for the indecisive (such as myself!)

The purple glaze on this mug is to die for! Even better, this is a personalized mug so you can choose what words and symbols you'd like painted on it, or have it personalized with the gift recipient's name.

I'm totally in love with terrariums right now! I am someone whose aesthetic style involves incorporating as much nature as I can in my indoor space. A terrarium is like a pocket of the forest that you can gaze at whenever you like. Divine.

Who doesn't love a nice set of throw pillows? It's such an easy way to liven up and/or redecorate a room. Purple Pajamas has some great patterns, my favorite three above. I am so obsessed with that gold bird pillow with the accents of plum purple. Must have!

I am a big fan of positive affirmations, and this is an amazing and critical one in my opinion! So often we forget to do what we love instead of dragging ourselves through the responsible motions of life. I bought this for my friend Natalie when she was hired for her first "real job" out of was a hint:) And I have the Go Your Own Way print hanging in my home art office. It makes me so happy every time I see it! (I have it hanging next to my I am a Successful Artist print, which is another GREAT one for any artist in your life, but is from a different Etsy shop: Lino Cut Boy)

I can think of so many people this t-shirt would be perfect for (myself included...size small if anyone's wondering:). It would be a great gift for the garden enthusiasts or "buy local" fanatics in your life. It's super cute and has a pretty bold message on it that passersby can't help but notice.

Go Meagan Designs has a great collection of yoga and nature inspired jewelry. I am always a fan of a closed circle pendant. I love the symbolism found in a circle....never-ending.

I will someday feature a wall decal in one (or many) of the rooms of my house. I love the idea of creating a mural with the ease of a sticker. Amazing! NouWall has the MOST unbelievable collection of wall decals....ahhh, I want them all. I am totally and completely going to buy the Winter Trees decal for my living room, and I think the Birch Trees would be adorable in my future baby's nursery.

You can check out the rest of my Etsy Favorites here.

Last, but not least, here are some of my favorites from my own Etsy Shop, which you can visit here.

Happy holiday shopping everyone!



  1. So thrilled to be included with this amazing group! Thank you!

  2. Wow! What amazing gift ideas! I've found many new favorites myself. Thank you so much, Alexa for including me in this glorious group of Etsy Artists! I'm honored!


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