Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my future Shangri-La: meditation/yoga studio

I've been reading a handful of design blogs lately, and now can't stop obsessing over the design of my future home. Alex and I won't buy a house until we've found our Shangri-La, but when we do I have big plans for it! It will most likely be situated on a plot of land with endless amounts of trees behind us, and a mountain somewhere in the distance (if my dreams come true!). We both desperately want to live in a more pastoral setting, where we are surrounded by nature, which is where my design inspiration originates. I will be bringing in as much of the outside world as possible.

Since I can daydream all the livelong day (and have been known to!), I've decided that I will share some of those daydreams of "my future Shangri-La," the home I hope will own someday. Right now I already have two "must-have's" for the home I purchase, which are a small space to convert into my art studio, and another small space for a yoga/meditation room. Ahhhhh, I feel the tranquility coming on just dreaming about it.

I have been practicing yoga and mediation at home for 12 years now, and have always longed for a peaceful place to do so (outside of yoga class). I've always used my living room for these activities, but the energy is all wrong with jagged edges of furniture leering at me from my headstand, and far too many visual distractions from my precious moments of zen.

So....the mediation/yoga room. I've always envisioned a relatively small room painted in a deep shade of indigo. Indigo is the color associated with the Brow Chakra or your third eye, so it is said to cultivate wisdom and intuition. I'm thinking something like this:

Or a more purple-y color palette like this:

Some ideas for art work to hang on the walls:

Winter Peace by Ancient Arti Zen

Abstract Paintings (Distance and Frozen Lake 2) by Maria Kitano

I'd also love to incorporate a small grouping of tree decals on either side of the entrance to the room, because I am so in love with and inspired by trees. The most peaceful place I can be is in the woods so I'd definitely want to bring some of that into the room.

Tree Decals by NouWall

Maybe a Buddha decal too.

Buddha Decal by Wall Star Graphics

I would love the floor to be pure bamboo's natural, earthy and feels so good against my bare feet. I'd also love a large urn or vase on the floor in one corner filled with bamboo poles, or a bamboo screen like this:

I'd put a daybed like this under a set of windows to lounge on while journaling or reading one of my lovely books about yoga or meditation:

Window Daybed by West Elm

I'd outfit the daybed with yummy organic cotton white sheets and blankets, and pillows like these:

Padma Pond Pillow by Pella Home

Pillow by Purple Pajamas

Of course, there'd have to be a meditation alter, which would look something like the larger bench in this picture:

Rustic Bench by Pottery Barn

It's so difficult to decide what I'd display here, because I'm sure it'd change pretty regularly. In general, it's nice to include personal items that you feel connected to along with candles, incense, a buddha, meditation stones, and such. I'd fill bowls like these with seasonal pieces of nature like leaves, flowers, dirt from the forest, and stones:

Bowls and Incense Dish by De Baun Fine Ceramics

Some other items for my meditation alter:

Pure Beeswax BIG Buddha Head Candle by Peace Blossom Candles

Oil Diffuser by DeBaun Fine Ceramics

Beach stones and shells

Drift wood....much smaller pieces though.

And other items for the room:

Ottomans by Gaiam

Zen Fountain by Gaiam

Chakra Yoga Mat by Gaiam

Bailywick Soy Candles in Zen and Daydream (so amazing!)

The Mystic Masala Soy Ayurvedic Candles in Vata and Tridoshic (so comforting!)

Oh, to dream! I love fantasies....but, I think that's because I insist on making them realities. I will have my mediation/yoga room someday....



  1. You outdid yourself!! This is great. Ohhh to dream...

  2. Oh- this sounds divine! You have planned out every detail girl! Im lovin' that meditation chair!


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