Friday, December 17, 2010


Today I woke up at 3:30 am…..on purpose. We are off to Antigua for our long-awaited honeymoon and I cannot wait! Thanks to a great deal of planning and writing in advance, I have my blog set up to continue posting while I'm away, so keep coming back to read!

It will probably be quite difficult for me to not be writing my blog while I’m away. I know it’s my honeymoon (and I intend to savor the heck out of it!), but I really look forward to the part of my day when I sit down to write. Recently my blog has taken a different turn than I originally anticipated, but I wanted to let it go where it wanted to go….you know, trust the process. I try to put my blind faith into “the process” of everything, believing that I am being led. And I have to say that, since allowing my blog’s focus to meander off the path I set out for it, I have become so much more dedicated (and obsessed) with it! Wherever it leads, one thing I know is that I want to write for an audience so I'm going to keep going.

But, I am going to be on a strict no-blog-writing diet while I’m away with my sweet husband for 9 days in paradise…..and the lack of internet service on the island will prevent me from any possible slip ups. Alex and I will be working on writing our book while we are away though, and that is something I am really looking forward to! Perhaps it isn’t your typical honeymoon activity, but for us, having days on end with nowhere to go and nothing we’re obligated to do provides us with the space we wish we had regularly to create, create, create!
Don’t you worry though, we will get in PLENTY of beach lazing, salt water swimming, husband vs. wife tennis matches, shuffleboard, gorging on island food, steel drum dancing, fruity drinks, massages…..oh and even a boat ride that will drop us off on a deserted island for a day of beach fun, hiking and a lobster dinner cooked for us in the middle of nowhere.

I will for sure have TONS of photos and stories to tell when I return!
Today's Picks: Honeymoon Treats from Etsy:

Just Married Bikini by Island Bride Shop

Honeymoon Roll On Perfume Oil by The Dirty Housewife
Tropical Palms Weekender by Sew Posh Designs

Rustic Copper Do Not Disturb Sign by Buttermilk Hollow

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