Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sunset over lake champlain

As I mentioned yesterday, my husband and I went to Vermont at the end of last week. One of the more soothing things we did was hang out at the waterfront park in Lake Champlain, once during the day and later to watch the sunset. It's difficult to not feel at peace with the sun falling into a mountainous horizon, lighting a still body of water below in deep blues, oranges and brilliant pinks. (I was obsessed with photographing a similar scene in the Adirondacks last summer). Who doesn't love a sunset?!

The waterfront dock was lined with bench swings so you could swing with your sweetheart while watching the sunset.

My husband attempted some silhouette shots, and I actually really love the blurriness of this one! It's like a portal to another world as one side of my body looks to be disappearing.

A spirit in the real world.

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