Thursday, July 21, 2011

the wall

I came across this wall in a parking lot the other day and was immediately obsessed with it. Obsessed. As a photographer, I walk around life constantly noticing the following: lighting, minute details, color and fabulous backdrops. And as far as backdrops go, interesting walls and ancient doors seem to be a fav of mine. 

When I found this wall I was really wishing Natalie Schlegel was with me, I desperately needed a model.…but since she wasn't, I attempted to pose for just a few shots for my husband. This was the best I could in 100 degree heat (I was cursing the fact that I had worn pants that day!)…. 

If I had been snapping the pics, I would've loved to do some macro shots of just a section of body or face and get really close to the texture of that beautifully worn wall. But, I think my non-photographer hubby did a great job:)

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  1. I first saw this picture on your facebook and thought, "I wish I was there to take photos!" and then I read your post! We need a visit soon. There are so many things we could do with this wall!!! Great pics non-photographer buddy!


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