Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pine tree love

I shot this (very basic) photo of pine needles in Vermont last week to remind myself to get working on some pine tree art! I've always been obsessed with trees….I feel connected to them, inspired by them, and lulled into serenity when I'm amongst them. Lately I've felt particularly drawn to pine trees, what with their peaceful scent, rich forest green color, and beautiful shape. 

I'm heading up to the Adirondacks next week for a few days of camping where I hope to capture an inspired pine tree photo or two and collect some pine needles to use in a painting I've been dreaming about. In the meantime, some amazing pine tree finds from Etsy:

fog in the gorge by abby try again photography

Ash Hilton

The Pine by J.M.Barclay

by Ad Love

Cynthia Elizabeth Linsenbardt

by Erin Flett

Quiet Reflection by Simply Lodge


  1. Lovely Etsy findings! Thanks for sharing and have a happy wednesday <3

  2. those are beautiful items. thanks for including my painting! have fun camping! a few weeks ago we went camping where it was still cold and ended up piling pine needles under the tent to keep us warm at night :)


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