Friday, July 22, 2011

this week in photos

My new hood…quite different than my last hood (see the 2nd picture here).

The Bridge of Flowers is even more beautiful in the summer...

I love the symbolism of a lock…and I love anything covered in rust.

I am completely hypnotized into peacefulness at the sight (and smell!) of pine trees. I snapped this shot to use as inspiration for painting.

My first ever ratatouille (Leunig's, Burlington=the bomb).

A hammock nestled in the trees, kissed by a 360 degree mountain-scape? Bliss.

A quick hike.

I am obsessed with birch bark/birch trees. I'm still trying to successfully incorporate birch bark into a piece of art.

While sitting in a park the other day, I suddenly found myself zeroing in on the details of the human body (in an artistic way;)—the curve of an ankle, the roundness of a belly, the angles of a knee. This photograph inspired me to play around with the concept…more on that next week.

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