Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sweet olivia

As I mentioned yesterday, I felt very inspired and emotionally connected to my photo shoot with newborn Olivia. It's only natural that a photographer would feel compelled to capture the pieces of life she is most connected to, and for me, infants are no exception to that rule. When it comes to portraiture, I believe my work turns out better when I am photographing subjects that I can connect to. A few examples (for me) would be: babies, children, families, couples in love and artists. I have long struggled to capture (what I consider) decent photos of environments or events that I am uninspired by or lack a connection to.....so I'm now trying to only commit myself to work that I feel passionate about.

Capturing Olivia was an overwhelming experience. Aside from her unbelievable beauty, she and I had just come off of 4 days of major bonding so her eyes were constantly locking with mine as she cooed at the sound of my camera's shutter opening and closing. She gave me so much to work with. There is so much depth to infants and children, in my opinion, which really gives my creativity an opportunity to soar. Their expressions are incredibly genuine and raw, their hearts on their sleeves, the innocence and newness of their lives palpable......so much going on. Sigh. They capture my heart and I capture their personalities.

So, without further ado, the vibrant and beautiful Olivia.....


  1. SOOO precious Alexa! Gorgeous shots!!! She is just beautiful!

  2. She is beautiful! I love every photo! Congrats to being an auntie again.

  3. Alexa, thank you so much for transforming a normal day into something beautiful and timeless. You are amazing. Love you!!!

  4. Ohh my Alexa! I love these! You have captured Nicole and Olivia to a T. Such beautiful work. I can't wait to see more.


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