Thursday, September 1, 2011

around town

I have completely failed in the blog department lately! We moved into our new house over a week ago and were frustratingly without phone and internet until a day ago. It's been quite the chaotic move….lots of unexpected disasters (including a crazy hurricane just days after moving in!) and I've been sick thus unable to do much unpacking, let alone find the time to create and write. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of life (when will that happen?!) and looking forward to decorating…..although I'm finding it a bit overwhelming to unpack and set up an entire house. I never realized how easy apartment living was until now! I could unpack and have my place set up within a day or two of insane work in an apartment. But, this is an exciting new adventure….enough rambling. Just a few shots around town……

The lovely town green, a few houses down from our place. It turns into a farmer's market on Saturdays.

The cutest little library.

Ashfield Lake. Beside the lake are tennis courts, a park and playscapes.

One of my favorite houses in the neighborhood.

My favorite place in town: Elmer's. Coffee house, grocer, restaurant and art shop all in one!

I knew I was in the right town when I saw that the tiny general store (Elmer's) carried my favorite natural products.

I've got to get my art in those bins for sale, no? How perfect!

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