Tuesday, September 6, 2011

country kitchen

I am incredibly frustrated by the kitchen in our new house. I know I should be feeling deeply appreciative of this amazing new home we've found ourselves in (and I am), but I can't find the love for this kitchen and am obsessed with remodeling it ASAP. For starters, someone removed the dishwasher and replaced it with an unusable cabinet (given its location and dimensions). Why would you remove the dishwasher? I have no idea, but these hands are mighty sick of washing dishes already. Beyond that (huge) issue, half of the cabinets are unusable given the piecemeal fashion in which it was remodeled at various points in time. For example, when someone put in a new stove and hood fan, they rendered 4 cabinets unusable—the door on one is blocked by the hood and the other three actually house the top of the hood. And having unusable cabinets in a small kitchen is not cool, not cool at all.

I'm finding my creativity is stunted when it comes to this space, which is crazy because I was able to transform a teeny, tiny San Francisco kitchen with no cabinet space, no dishwasher and all-around limited space into a kitchen I was relatively happy using. I attacked that kitchen—personally installed new flooring, patched walls, new paint, removed the cabinets to paint them and install new hardware, found a table small enough to tuck into a corner.

I am also trying to hone my own version of country style because it is not something that comes naturally to me. I have more classic/modern taste. Some thoughts on going a bit more country…..

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I am also obsessed with the idea of buying an Ikea kitchen after visiting the local store in CT with my dear friend Hannah a few weeks ago. I was shocked by how affordable an entire kitchen could be—including cabinets, counters, new sink and appliances.

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